To help residents prepare for the upcoming cyclone season, Council will be conducting a hard rubbish collection service for all suburbs on the following dates:

Durack, Marlow Lagoon, Driver, Gray, Moulden, Woodroffe
All items for collection must be placed on the verge on 1-2 September. Collection by contractors will commence on 3 September.

Farrar, Gunn, Bakewell, Rosebery, Johnston, Bellamack, Zuccoli
All items for collection must be placed on the verge on 6-7 October. Collection by contractors will commence on 8 October.

For seniors and residents with a disability requiring assistance moving large items to the verge, please phone Council on 8935 9955 at least one week prior to collection.

Clean-up hints and tips

What will be collected: Household quantities of white goods, air conditioners, steel, bicycles, furniture and household building materials.

What won’t be collected: Green, domestic and commercial waste, gas bottles, car parts, vehicle bodies, tyres, paint, oils, chemicals or other hazardous waste.

When to place items on the verge: Items ready for collection are to be placed on the verge in front of your property on the Saturday and Sunday PRIOR to the collection dates for your suburb. Please make sure when placing items on the verge all footpaths are kept clear and pedestrians have safe access to walkways.

When the collection will take place: Collection will occur on the Monday following the weekend collection dates allocated to your suburb.

Please note: Contractors will record the address of each property they attend. Items which appear on the verge after the dates specified will not be collected. Individual household items deemed to be of a commercial quantity will not be collected and it will be the responsibility of the owner to correctly dispose of the waste.


2018 Pre-cyclone clean up flyer